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About Us

Micro financing in Jamaica provides financial services to low-income clients, including consumers and the self-employed. At Fast Cash Finance Limited we aim to support those who are left out by the traditional commercial banks and credit unions that refuse to grant access to quick short term loans.

Our focus is to help our clients' to grow. Our core product, and the reason we are in business, is to assist low income earners, self-employed persons and those rejected from traditional commercial entities to succeed.

Fast Cash Finance Ltd was established in December 2007 was established by Mr. and Mrs. Rohan and Janice Barrett who have been entrepreneurs all their lives who've gained tremendous knowledge and experience in the business sector.

With the experience and dedicated management team of Fast Cash Finance Ltd. the efficiency and accuracy of the company growth and development is consistent.

Selecting our human resource personal (staff) is also an important consideration as there needs to be good communication between lender and borrower to encourage a close relationship of trust and good customer service; we also create career opportunities for many Jamaicans and as such Fast Cash Finance Ltd. is the premier lending agent of choice.

At Fast Cash Finance you have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your loan and you will also receive free Money Management Counselling which is an integral part of our service. Fast Cash Finance Ltd. also requires that borrowers make repayments on a weekly basis. We also divide your loans in parts so as to reduce your penalties and interest payments so that if the situation arises you will only default on the minumum.

Special consideration may also be given to few customers for other payment options such as fortnightly or monthly. Failure to comply with schedule payment will result in a judicial process until the loan amount is settled.

We currently operate three (4) branches with  the  intention  of expanding our  services to  all parishes by  April 2013. Our current offices are located at  Shop  3 - 17 Molynes Road .Kingston 10, 8 Burke Road Spanish  Town .St Catherine, Main Street, Ocho Rios and Shop# 4, 34 Heritage Mall, St. James Street, Montego Bay

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